The Empire of Bad Memories


It’s a lot like a hero approaching the castle where her final enemy resides. The evil empire, the big boss, the meanest monster in the world, it lives here. Of course it’s impossibly tall, with levels upon levels containing who knows what horrors inside. Torture chambers, dungeons, cramped quarters for the grunts. But in any good story, the protagonist has caught glimpses of this structure before. In dreams, in flashbacks, in visions, somehow – she experiences a strong sense of deja vu as she comes close. The time has finally come to confront her demons, be they metaphorical, literal, or both.

There’s a lot to this image, and it’s one of my few with three clearly defined separate planes. The foreground is very clear and smooth and fluid, making it more relatable and sympathetic. The castle is grainy and rough, like an old film or newsreel, suggesting war footage. There’s blurs of ash raining from above. And the sky in the far back is harsh and jagged, as if the landscape were going up in flames. In fact, it’s like the sky itself is on fire. Sounds like a good place for the evil being to live. Here’s a small part of the image blown up to full resolution for detail:


What could that landscape be? Is it a towering jungle? A jagged city? Bizarre mountainous structures? Perhaps it’s all of the above. You can buy this piece in metal and canvas prints, in varying sizes, plus phone cases, tapestries, and more. The shine of the metal prints is especially a sight to see – in the right light, it practically flows right out at you. That may help you confront your own inner demons. Here’s the full print:


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