Portal Cathedral


This makes me think of some old pulp movie where at the climax, the maiden is to be sacrificed and thrown into the void, and this is the portal to the void – be it a true void, or the dimension of some demon, or a parallel Earth, or maybe we don’t even know. In any case, our rugged peplum hero comes along first and saves the day. But hey, check out that portal!

Like, did they build the temple around this portal they found in nature that somehow already existed? Has it been there forever and humans found it and decided to build a whole thing around it since it was unknown and unknowable? Or does something that the humans are doing in the cathedral trigger the portal’s opening? Could they have built it anywhere? Can they build more? What ancient arts allow them to do this? I guess all this is up to you, but here’s a bit of the piece in full resolution:


I do know that you can get this portal yourself, in canvas or metal prints, in different sizes, on a phone case or a tapestry or whatever else. You can totally buy this. However, the portal probably won’t work – no guarantees on that. If it does, though, and you get sucked somewhere terrible, you can’t blame that on me. If you’re taken somewhere really great though, by all means, attribute that to me. You’re welcome. Here’s the whole thing:


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