Forced Leather


I think it’s the difference of textures that really gets me on this one. Actually, this was an experimental piece (even moreso than usual, I mean) that I didn’t mean to make prints of in the first place, but after debuting it, I got enough requests that I included it in my primary collection.

There’s one detail at the very top center that’s hard to see at first, but becomes a sort of secondary focal point once you examine it – a line made of differing shades of grey. Something else that was accidental. However, while the prints of this are of course as smooth as aluminium or canvas usually are, I have to say that this one takes the cake. Here’s an up-close full resolution sample of the whole thing:


I think it really sucks you in. It’s like a shimmering beacon of… well, whatever you want it to be. You can buy this piece in metal and canvas prints, in varying sizes – as well as phone cases, tapestries, and more. The shine of the metal prints is especially a sight to see – in the right light, it practically leaps right out at you. Here’s the whole thing:


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