Fluxion Containment Lattice



In the future, humanity will have massive energy needs, and will also hopefully generate even more massive sources to safely get this energy from. What will the form of this energy be? What constructs will we build to harness it? And assuming it’s as potent as it probably will be, how will we contain it? In this piece, I explore a sort of interlaced structure that’s built to confine an enormous stream of unfathomable power in a safe space. Without this lattice, that power stream might go haywire and wreak havoc across space. That’s bad!

Star Wars gave some inspiration to the background of this piece, though it doesn’t show through in the visual components. But the architecture in many of those movies contained massive energy spires or very long drops with a power source at the bottom. This is more or less my take on what it may look like. The stuff around it is probably plasma, but I only say that because it feels right. Here it is in 100% HD resolution:


So how does this work? The lattice isn’t meant to be seen as touching the energy, it can’t contain it like that. If it or anything else tried to touch this energy it would likely be disintegrated, perhaps with an explosion involved. Magnets may be involved. Or something even more interesting, like color force at a very large scale. Who knows? But I do know you can buy this art in canvas or metal prints, phone cases, tapestries, and more. On the right surface, these colors practically jump right off out at you. But don’t worry, no arc energy will actually jump out at you, unless you hook it up to a bunch of electrodes or something and try to break the circuit. Don’t do that, but enjoy the piece in full:


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