Electric Marsh


Out of everything I’ve ever made, this is one of my favorite pieces. I love the intricate linework that emerged from this exercise, almost like a bizarre and alien topological map. But just as it’s a geographical tool, it’s also a vantage point. You’re crouching down, hiding in this strange swamp, with long grass and tendrils poking up from all sides. There are lights and little flying things buzzing around all around you. And there’s some kind of city lying low in the distance, some outpost that you’re watching.

As the ball lightning strikes around you, the air cracking and popping and hissing, you’d have to realize how unique of a landscape it is. Environments with strange combinations of factors like this have always fascinated me. Just imagine watching these lines shift and flux organically all around you, all at once. It’s something no computer could simulate – something that only the processing power of the natural world could produce. Here’s a small section of it in full resolution:


If you want, you can buy this art in a variety of sizes in canvas and metal prints, or also as a tapestry, a phone case, and more. The colors in the metal prints really have a way of jumping out at you, however, there is probably no way that actual electricity – and certainly not ball lightning – will leap out. That being said, I really make no guarantees of anything here. It’s your own risk. Here’s the full thing:


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