Class Seven Atmospheric Bands


Space inspires a great deal of my art. It’s easy, since so much of space is still so abstract to us all. Here we see a brand new planet, just discovered – at least by humans. Looking through the window of our spacecraft, it’s easy to see the currents of gas in the atmosphere, twisting and winding above the next layer of chemicals. But what secrets does this planet hold? What life may be lurking in the clouds? Perhaps gigantic factories are just beneath our vision, or whole kingdoms we’ve yet to make contact with.

Or perhaps it’s simply one more gas giant, chugging along in its orbit around whatever bizarre sun is at the center of this system. How lucky these humans must be to be out here exploring. And here’s a small sample of this image in full resolution:


What will you name your planet? You can buy this piece in metal and canvas prints, in varying sizes, as well as tapestries and phone cases and more. The shine of the metal prints is especially a sight to see – in the right light, it practically leaps right out at you. Explore this brand new world for yourself – here it is in full:


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