Cascade Fountain


You can do it – just reach out and touch it. Let your hand feel the lightness of the fountain before you.

There are two different ways I imagine this fountain feeling. The first is very thick and smooth, like a slow vanilla pudding, glooping down but feeling (and tasting) funny – a good funny. The second is light and airy, almost wispy, like curtains or liquid polygons from an old movie. It’s almost like you can step right through it, though where you’ll end up is not for me to say. Here’s a small portion of the image, in full resolution:


What’s it falling into, by the way? What can collect all of this substance? You can buy this piece in metal and canvas prints, in varying sizes, as well as phone cases, tapestries, etc. The shine of the metal prints is especially a sight to see – in the right light, it practically flows right out at you. However, I must warn you not to lick your print. Here’s the full image:


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