Bubblegum Raindrops


Wouldn’t life be grand if the world were a bit more colorful? Of course, I’m talking cartoonishly vibrant and vivid colors, plus some soft and soothing pastels. Imagine if puddles weren’t murky and brown, but pink and blue and purple and lime green. What if going outside in a downpour was similar to Holi, the festival of colors? A thunderstorm would be like a kaleidoscope. Wow!

Of course, in reality, if the world were really that colorful, we’d probably have the same attitude to those colors that we do now towards the “gloomier” colors. After all, every color is created equal, and it’s only our own internal and societal perceptions that shape our communally shared emotional responses to any given hue. A glowing shade of red only makes us think of warmth because fire is red; in a world where fire was dark green, our perceptions would be a little different. That being said, it’s still a fun world to imagine. Here’s this world in full resolution:


One thing that interests me on this piece is that the colors and lines don’t always match up. When our eyes see one swirl as certain colors, we’re really just flattening the image in our minds. And you can buy this image yourself in canvas or metal prints of varying sizes, plus phone cases, tapestries, and more. I won’t guarantee that it’ll make your life more magical, but it certainly won’t hurt. Here’s the whole thing:


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