Aquatic Ambience


If you’ve ever played a video game with a level in the water, you know that they’re some of the most aggravating parts of the whole game. I don’t care what game it is – any game. The swimming levels are just terrible. Granted, I haven’t played many games since my Super Nintendo days, but I’m sure things haven’t changed.

That being said, while they may be frustrating, they’re also some of the most beautiful levels. The art is entirely different and a lot of games put a lot of work into these immersive (or perhaps, submersive) environments. That’s what inspired me for this piece. Thinking about brightly colored enemies swimming around as you try to navigate your way to get all the coins you can collect, as playful music bubbles through your speakers. Here’s a small portion of the full image at actual resolution:


You can buy this piece in metal and canvas prints, in varying sizes. The shine of the metal prints is especially a sight to see – in the right light, it practically leaps right out at you. Dive right in and find your way to the end, and score all the points you can on the way. Here it is in full:


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