Artist Ethan Hulbert

This website contains the abstract art of one Ethan J. Hulbert. Ethan studied nuclear engineering and nanoscience and has a degree in experimental film editing. He’s now a marketing thought leader in Los Angeles, California. Ethan likes cats, hiking, and espresso.

Most of Ethan’s work is influenced by science and technology. Although he draws inspiration from some classical artists, this experimental art is largely just a hobby. No excess marketing is being done to promote this website – to be honest it really only exists due to pressure from friends and family.

Ethan has more work than shown on this website, and more will probably be added with time. If you’ve seen a piece on his wall or in one of his showings, but you can’t find it on here, check back later (or email him about it).

You can also find out more on Ethan’s personal website.

Have a wonderful day!